Frequently Asked Questions

  • I changed my control panel password and now I can't get in.

    Passwords are case sensitive and are limited to 14 characters. If you entered a password longer than 14 characters please try entering the first 14 characters when logging into your control panel. If you still can't access your Admin page use the support form and we will reset your password. Remember to include your PayPal subscription ID so we can verify that it is you.

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  • How do I get my email?

    For web based email you can use Horde Mail Or if you're familiar with your email client's setup, use the following information to retrieve email from your POP account:

    Incoming mail (POP3) server:
    Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:

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  • I want to get started right away, but my domain name hasn't transferred yet. How do I do it?

    You can upload your page(s) immediately by pointing your FTP client to the made-name address you were assigned when you opened your account. After your domain is fully propagated through the system, (usually 24-72 Hours) you can upload to

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  • What is the path to perl?


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  • Where should I put CGI scripts for my domain?

    All CGI scripts should be uploaded to the cgi-bin folder. Be sure to follow the instructions for the script you are uploading regarding setting permissions on the files and folders you create, as they vary from script to script.

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  • I uploaded my files, but I don't see my page?

    If our default "Welcome to your New Web Site!", index.html, has not been replaced by another index page, then anyone going to will still see that page instead of some other home page. This is the order in which the web server looks for a page to put up as the "home" page: DirectoryIndex default.htm index.phtml index.pht index.cgi index.shtml index.html welcome.cgi welcome.html index.htm Just delete the index.html file and anything after it in this list will then come up automatically. Notice that "home.html" is NOT on the list and so will not show up as your home page. You would need to rename it. Any file that you want to be seen on the internet should be kept in the httpdocs directory.

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  • How do I lgoin and use F.T.P (file transfer protocol)

    Your login name is your username followed by your domain. For example if your username is john and your domain is then your username for the F.T.P login is Here is also a link for other questions about F.T.P that you might have.

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