Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?

    No, you have the right to cancel at anytime! (see the Terms Of Use for policies regarding this).

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  • How soon will my account be set up and ready for use?

    Your site can be uploaded to our servers immediately after receiving the welcome email, which will contain the address for your account, plus the password and username. In fact, we recommend that clients start uploading their site as soon as possible after setup is complete.

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  • Do I have access to update my site 24 hours a day?

    Absolutely. Whether you're a day person or a night owl, your site is available for you to update.

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  • I want to transfer my domain name. How do i go about doing that?

    You will need to log into your account with your registrar and point the nameservers towards the DNS servers.

    The Primary DNS Server is: NS1.CODEZHOST.COM
    The Secondary DNS Server is: NS2.CODEZHOST.COM

    If you feel uncomfortable doing this just use the support form (for secure submission) with your registrars account information and also the name of the registrar. Full propagation usually takes 24-72 hours.

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  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    If an account is cancelled within the first thirty (30) days of service the customer will receive a full refund of all account fees, including set-up fees (if applicable) provided:

    • The account is not a resold account.
    • The account has not been suspended for violations of the Acceptable Usage Policy.
    Refunds will be credited to the credit card on file or PayPal account used to order service. Accounts due a refund will be refunded within (14) days of cancellation, no exceptions.

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  • I see some hosts offering "unlimited bandwidth". Why don't you offer this?

    Technically speaking, there is no such thing as "unlimited bandwidth". Someone has to pay for the traffic somewhere - and if you check the fine print of some service agreements from companies who claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, you'll probably find that they do charge for traffic over a certain amount. We dispense with the fine print.

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  • Do you host Adult sites, warez sites or sites containing illegal material?

    No. Please see our Terms Of Use for policies regarding this.

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  • Is my site backed up and how often?

    Yes backups are done weekly on are server, a weekly incremental back up and a monthly full backup, You however are responsible for your site so we suggest daily back-ups on your end.

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  • How fast are your connections?

    1000 Mbps Network Uplink

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  • What is the Script Vault?

    The Script Vault is an option in your Plesk Control Panel that offers one click installation of some of today's hottest web applications. You can view a list of them here.

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  • My script requires ionCube loaders Do you have ionCube installed?

    The short answer is Yes, the ionCube loaders PHP extension is installed on all of our servers by default.

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  • Does Codezhost also sell/register domains?

    No. Codezhost is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Domain) web hosting company. You must own a domain name to use our services.

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